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          We customize our pet sitting services
       to suit your pet's needs

Every pet is different, and all pets have different needs.  Do you have a high energy dog that needs a nice long walk?  A senior cat that needs medication?  A horse that requires certain feeding times?  Whatever your pet's needs, we can help!

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Drop in visit

Great for the busy human who works long hours and wants their dog to get a potty break.  Have a kitty and going on vacation? I stop in daily to feed kitty and clean the litterbox. Don't forget that I can also check on your home while you are away and water plants, indoor and outdoor. 

Dog walking

Come home to a nice, calm dog.  Your dog will be taken on a brisk, 30-minute walk to burn off that extra energy. Happy dog = Happy human

Overnight stays

Kennels are an option.  But sometimes, you want your pet at home where they are most comfortable.  An overnight stay consists of your pet being fed, plenty of potty breaks, and snuggles.

(limited availability)

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