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Playtime for cats

Cats spend most of their time sleeping, but they still need some stimulation. To indulge your cat’s natural hunting instincts, it’s important to play with them. In the wild, when lions and other wild cats aren’t sleeping or hunting, they’re teaching their young to hunt. Play is channeling your domestic cat’s hunting instinct into something enjoyable for both person and pet.

Here are some benefits of playing with your furry feline:


A recent survey found that 55% of America’s cats are overweight or obese. That’s a problem! A lot of people think that feeding your cat a healthy diet is the solution to healthy living. That may be true, but exercise is the best way to keep your feline friend slim and trim.

Stress Relief

Ok, so what in the heck does my pampered house cat get stressed about?

Feline stressors range from changes in their environment to picking up stress from their

humans. One of the best ways to counteract stress in cats is through regular playtime.

Help with Behavior

Play helps cats burn off energy that might otherwise be used for behavior humans would consider less than desirable. If you watch Jackson Galaxy on "My Cat From Hell" (which I highly recommend you watch! It's quite entertaining!) you will have noticed that “play therapy” is part of Jackson’s recommendations in almost every case he tackles.

Creative Playtime for Cats

There are countless toys that simulate, satisfy and excite a cat’s natural hunting drive. Toys that mimic prey, satisfying the cat’s instinctual need to stalk and hunt, may be more enjoyable for your kitty and will help her burn off excess energy. Even though a toy is filled with catnip, your cat may care less if you just lay it in front of them. But making it move is a whole different story! A laser pointer is also an affordable toy that provides endless hours of play!

Puzzle Toys

Interactive puzzle toys are an excellent way to keep your cats entertained and mentally stimulated when you can’t play with them. The toys contain small openings that the cat must get their treats out of, often through different challenges.

Change it Up

Change up your cats’ routines to keep them even more entertained. Cats are smart and will quickly get bored playing with their same old toys. This is why some people turn their house into a giant "catarium" with nothing but cat trees, scratchers, and toys. Or have something like a "kitty condo" that provides your cat with somewhere to lounge, play and scratch!

Spare the Expense

Cats love to play with paper bags, boxes, and toilet paper. Cut the handles off a grocery bag, make a box into a castle, or cut the top of a milk carton to make it into a new toy. You can also use tissue paper, or a small ball of tin foil, which is great for batting around. Some cats like to play with Q-tips too. Start thinking like a cat, and you will be amazed what stuff you have around the house that can become a toy!

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