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Trendy pet gadgets

I don't know about you, but I love a good gadget. The lure of buying something that makes your life easier and is cool to use is ever so appealing! Of course, not all gadgets turn out to be winners. Trust me, my pocketbook has felt the burn as I shell out money on something "gadgety" only to be sorely disappointed. For instance, there was the slap chopper that was supposed to chop things like onions or bell peppers with a few quick "slaps" to the top of the springy button. It literally lasted 2 days. Then there was the brightly colored Wi-Fi speaker that supposedly played music with such amazing sound, that your neighbors were thinking you were holding a concert at your house. Ya, no. The over expensive piece of junk speaker turned out sounding like music coming out of a tin can. Actually, a tin can would have sounded better! So now I'm a bit more discerning when it comes to buying gadgets.

And then there are pet gadgets. There are so many cool gadgets for pets now, it's unreal. And since I am a full-time pet sitter, I get to see some pretty amazing gadgets for pets! So I thought I would dig in a little deeper, and pick out some of the neatest gadgets out there for review.

Say so long to scooping cat litter!

This super modern litter box called Leo's Loo Too is not only self-cleaning, it has sensors, has Alexa voice controls, and has an automated UV light that kills up to 99.9% of all bacteria. Plus it comes in 4 different sleek colors, and is fun to see your cat looking like an astronaut when peeking through the hole. This product is made by a company called Smarty Pear, which is a US based company that is committed to pets and pet parents through innovative smart products. Although a bit spendy, it may be worth it if you are just completely over cleaning the litter box, especially if you have multiple cats. And who wouldn't love a litter box that you can tell what to do? "Alexa.....clean litter box now." Sounds good to me!

A camera that tosses dog treats? Saaaay whaaaat?

Sure, there are lots of cameras out there that allow you to spy on your pet while you aren't there. But this camera has a ton of goodies that go with it. The Furbo Dog Camera has a full HD camera, two-way audio, and is compatible with Alexa

It also has a barking sensor that will alert your phone when you when your dog is barking! So how does it toss treats you ask? Well, you fill it with treats, and then via your command (through your phone) it will shoot out a treat. Seriously, how cool is that? You can keep an eye on your pet while talking to them and playing with them all at a distance. Sweet!

A water fountain that is functional and fun to look at!

Have you ever noticed that you can have a bowl of water sitting there, and your pet won't touch it. But then you pick up the bowl, and put fresh water in there, and wahlaa.....your pet is all over it. And then add running water to the mix and oh baby! Your pet will never be

dehydrated again! This cool fountain made by Pet Libro is made from ceramic Alpine Clay which is a very safe and healthy material. No more worrying about your pet ingesting harmful metals and plastics when drinking water. The whole fountain is detachable and washable, and the smooth surface makes it really easy to clean. And the best part is that it has a cute rainbow fountain design, so total bonus points for cuteness!

An interactive cat feeder with Wi-Fi remote feeding capabilities!

Have you ever been on a bad date, and used the excuse, "I have to go home to feed my cat." Well I have. But with this Pet Libro feeder, that excuse is out the window. This pet feeder takes care of your pet while you are away with customized mealtimes and

portion controls. And you can voice record feeding calls! All controlled with the touch of your phone. And if there happens to be a power outage, you can install batteries in it for back up purposes. It also holds a couple days of food, so you can go on a nice weekend adventure and not worry about your furry feline not eating.

Use a decorative kennel as a side table!

Who says that dog crates need to be cagey looking? This PawHut stylish dog crate also acts as an end table. It's made from naturally sustainable fir wood and is super light and easy to assemble. The special bolt design ensures that your dog is safe and secure, and it's suitable

for small to medium-sized dogs. So instead of having that awkward dog crate sitting in your living room taking up space, you can have a dual-purpose crate that you can actually use as a nice piece of furniture. Added bonus, it gives you somewhere to sit your coffee. Or you wine, depending on the time of day. ;-)

Gadgets and more gadgets

There are so many impressive pet gadgets out there that I could go on and on. But I'll just stick with these five for the moment. And don't be scared by expense. You can get some super cool interactive pet toys starting at $10 to sky's the limit. Just don't be like me and buy a gadget just to buy a gadget. (I have a problem) Do your research, read the reviews, and always make sure they offer a solid return policy. Let me know if you end up buying some awesome pet gadget that you can't live without! I'd love to hear about it!

Written by Mary Augustine of Pets & Plants

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